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Why you should do Model United Nations.

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation/activity that gives students the opportunity to experience the acts of diplomacy, advocacy, and debate on a level similar to that of the United Nations. I have participated in MUN conferences for five years in South Korea, and have been a delegate, chair, and secretary general for the conferences that I have attended. MUN has not only taught me to voice my thoughts and opinions and understand the world of politics and diplomacy, but it also improved my confidence, public speaking skills, and social awareness. As a result of attending numerous conferences, I began to understand countries and their cultures and societies better; continuing on, I went from being extremely shy, insecure, and silent to having the ability to express myself and speak confidently. Furthermore, MUN paves way for new opportunities in life. Having experience with MUN insists that you are an intelligent individual, who is always aware of current events, and has impeccable social skills. Many universities and jobs are very interested in students and people like this: open minded and can interact with others easily. Lastly, MUN is an amazing place to make friends. I have made some lifelong friends from the Philippines, Singapore, United States of America, Mexico, and more. It is a great way to meet new people from around the world, or even locally, and learn more from them. Even though there is a pandemic at the moment, MUN can be done virtually on websites such as: and

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