Ways to make online school fun and not as stressful

As schools started recently, many online via Zoom, here are some tips to make school fun and take the stress out.

Take a walk outside (or just go outside and breathe some of the natural air) - This really helped me when school started, moving out of my online school area was really helpful.

Get off devices when you don’t have to be on them - When I put up my phone and computer it really helps me focus on school. Hide your phone in a place you don’t go much and keep it there for 30 minutes to an hour.

Keep a list of the homework you have to do and how long you think it will take - This helps plan out your time and make sure to add break time on the agenda

Keep in contact with friends and family

Play soothing music - I really like listen to piano music while I study because it keeps me on track and is not distracting.

Take time to do things you love.

Try to do projects over things you are passionate about - When given a choice about what to do in a class project try to be creative and find something you will love.

Remind yourself to take breaks and just breathe

I hope these help you have fun and be less stressed as you all continue your year.

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