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Top Three "Detectivey" Shows

My favorite types of shows are crime-solving detective shows! During quarantine, I've made a list of my favorite ones. If you want the cut offs that sadly didn't make it into my top three, let me know ( I have seven more ;) )! I have rewatched a lot of these shows and have had cringey temporary fan accounts for the majority of them, so that must tell you that these shows are really good (or I just have no life)! Either way, the bottom line is that they are definitely worth a shot! I hope you all find a new show to binge during the summer and make your quarantine more bearable!

  1. Lucifer

Lucifer Morningstar is the devil in disguise. After a long stay in Hell, he has decided he's had enough of Hell and decides he wants to better understand humanity. He comes to Los Angeles and finds himself becoming "friends" with a talented cop named Chloe Decker. He becomes a consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department and solves cases using his "Devilous" powers. 9/10 would recommend it! The relationships and characters are really amazing and well rounded, and seeing a different perspective from the eyes of the devil is really interesting!!

2. Monk

Adrian Monk is a Bay Area detective (something close to home! Palo Alto is mentioned in many episodes which is extremely cool!!). The special thing about Monk that sets him apart from all the other detectives is his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He notices details and thinks outside the box on many occasions, which helps him solve many high profile cases. He has a lot of trauma from his wife's death, and tries to solve her murder throughout the show, but it's the one case he has the most difficult time to solve. Will he solve it? (Great Family TV show) 9/10 wholesome and binge-worthy.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hilarious Detective Jake Peralta and his diverse colleagues in the NYPD's 99th Precinct solve crimes together while having many fun side adventures. I love this show, and the characters are so relatable- there is a character to love for everyone. My personal favorite is Rosa, a complete bad(butt?), who literally incapsulates confidence and the right amount of edginess without the cringe. 8/10!!!

Enjoy and Binge my friends! :)

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Jul 16, 2020

y'all should get into bbc murder mysteries...


Priyanka Pulikeshi
Priyanka Pulikeshi
Jul 03, 2020

yay monk is so good!!

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