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Tips for Repressing Laziness

I am one of the laziest students on this blog that you could possibly meet. Here is a glimpse at my record:

  • Skipped 40% of my Assignments in Middle School because they were only 10% of my grade.

  • Was late to my 1st Period Class on a daily basis in the 8th Grade. I couldn’t get out of bed on time.

  • Have procrastinated on 80% of everything I have ever been obligated to do.

Laziness has been a notorious factor in my life since the earliest recollection of my obligations, which is probably somewhat the same for you. Strangely enough, I have gathered a handful of tips from experience for avoiding your natural sloth.

  1. Pep-Talk in Front of a Mirror

This one may seem strange, but giving yourself positive encouragement in front of a mirror can be pretty motivational.

2. Forcing a Smile

Forcing yourself to smile can psychologically incline your mood into a better one.

3. Contemplating Over The Life Calendar

If you search for a “Life Calendar” on Google, you’ll find graphics displaying the amount of weeks or years that an average human lifespan has. The amount of time we have left to live our lives isn’t that long, and contemplating over this can encourage you to make better use of your time.

4. Getting More Sleep & Eating a Healthy Breakfast

Your attention span, mood, stress levels, and other applicable factors benefit from getting more sleep and eating a proper breakfast. It’s a repetitive statement, but it actually makes a huge difference when you do it.

There are different reasons for why you can be lazy, and these tips aren’t a one size fits all thing since we’re all different, but I hope they’ll have the same positive effect on you as they have on me.

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