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Tips For Hybrid Education

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.

— Oscar Wilde

Though many students chose to take online courses this year, some are choosing the hybrid program — meaning that they attend classes in person for some days and complete them online for others. As one of these students, I’ve written a few mental (or physical, from this moment on) notes as to how to make this school year less stressful. Let me know how you’ve been doing with classes so far!

Download the EGENDA app on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

As someone who struggles to organize their time, having the EGENDA app on my school tablet has been incredibly helpful. EGENDA allows students to manage their homework by creating categories for each class, as well as assembling assignments in order of importance after they’ve been added to the app. When adding an assignment, students can choose to label it as homework, a quiz, a project, or a test — and choose a class from which it has been assigned. Afterward, they can click on the assignment to add notes or shift due dates, and have it pop up on their schedule screen.

Wake up at similar times, whether you’re attending classes online or in person.

To help keep a regulated sleep schedule, I try to wake up between 5:45 am and 7:45 am each morning — even on the days at home when I don’t have to log into a class as early. By waking up at similar times each morning, you’ll grow tired around the same time in the evenings and not struggle with insomnia or excessive exhaustion. That will help you create a schedule for the days you attend classes in person — if you’ll be waking up and going to bed at set times, you won’t have to wake up as tired for school as if you pulled an all-nighter. For students that struggle with anxiety and insomnia, keep a small bottle of melatonin in your room to use if necessary.

Bring a portable charger with you to school.

Though my school has always focused on using iPads instead of printed assignments and tests, the pandemic has created a similar situation in many high schools. If you’re able to, pack a portable charger in your backpack before classes — as using electronics even more often than usual means that they’ll lose battery quicker. Make sure to charge the portable charger itself on the night before so that you’ll be able to use it throughout the school day.

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Angela Guo
Angela Guo
Oct 04, 2020



Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
Oct 02, 2020

The EGENDA app is so helpful!

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