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The Trill Project: An Anonymous App for Mental Health

Have you heard about the Trill app yet? If so, you already know the benefits of it, and if not, let me tell you about it.

The app was founded in 2018, by high schoolers Georgia Messinger and Ari Sokolov. It has since gone on to have 4.5 stars and 1.2K reviews on the Apple App Store. It all started when Ari and her team sent out an invitation in spring of 2018 to LGBTQ+ teens to answer an anonymous poll. The team was shocked to see that many of the teens felt isolated and alone, and started brainstorming ideas on how to help.

Trill is a combination of the words “true” and “real,” which is the whole mission of the app. It’s a safe social networking app, and completely anonymous. There was a test run of a few thousand users, most of whom were LGBTQ+ teens, and most of whom had signed up through the poll to receive updates. I was a part of that group, and I joined the app as soon as it released.

The network now has over 70,000 users in more than 40 countries. Most of the people on the app are still LGBTQ+ teens and the community is extremely supportive. Users aren’t allowed to choose their usernames; they pick a colour and a number is automatically assigned. In case of their account identity being compromised, they are able to change the colour and regain another skin.

The app is basically a giant mental health support group. Users follow topics and hashtags instead of other users, making sure they can find support about their topics and cementing the fact that Trill isn’t about popularity. Trill has the ability to “snap” on posts, but it’s not the same as an Instagram like because it’s mainly used for when someone can relate to a post or think it’s really well said. They’re also not visible to other users, which is nice.

All in all, I would 100% recommend the Trill app. Even if you’re doing well mental health wise — congrats and keep it up, by the way! — it’s nice to be able to socialise anonymously. I’ve made several friends since joining, as well as gotten to know an amazing girl. It’s also been especially handy during the pandemic, and since school is starting again for a lot of us, it can prove to be incredibly useful.

Stay safe and stay healthy! 💛

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