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The Case on Abdulrahman Al Sadhan

On March 12, 2018, Abdulrahman Al Sadhan—an employee at the Saudi Red Crescent—was arrested by Al Mabahith security forces from his workplace, at the Saudi Red Crescent in Riyadh. Al Sadhan suddenly disappeared and was taken by the security forces to an unknown location. No contact or information has been given to his family on his whereabouts and well-being until February 12, 2020. Nearly two years later, Al Sadhan was able to make a one minute call with his family; this was the last time they were able to contact him. As more and more time goes by, Abdulrahman Al Sadhan’s family is still fighting for his life, with dangers inflicted by the security forces and the current global pandemic: COVID-19. Al Sadhan’s sister, Areej Al Sadhan, has been working persistently to raise awareness on her brother’s situation—as well as the disappearance of other Saudi hostages—and she has been demanding justice for her brother, by collaborating with organizations like Raise the Voices, and speaking at the United States Senate. For more information, follow @AreejASadhan on Twitter, to get updates on Abdulrahman Al Sadhan’s situation.

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