The Capability of Influence

The environment and surroundings of our existence are encompassed by connotations enacted by our reactions to such circumstances. Our behaviors, preferences, and prejudices are induced by even the smallest of conditions. Over the vast period of accumulation of influence, we aren’t just impacted, but shaped.

Researchers at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto conducted two studies, revealing that six to nine month-old babies showed preferences for people of their own race and exhibited bias against other races.

Olsen Edwards, a youth educator and activist, says that kids are easily influenced by small cues and tones from body language and facial expressions.

If kids as young as infants are becoming racially biased due to the countless amounts of influence around us, it is embarrassing to gape at our own developed subconscious impressions. Though we may believe that we aren’t influenced by such trivial things, the cues that we pick up over time exist in our subconscious mind and our brains allow us to be affected by such prompts. As these impressions live on in a somewhat repressed manner, they still affect our actions and thoughts.

Being conscious of the toll that influence can have on us is important. With an aware mind, we can attempt to avoid detrimental influence in the varied cases it presents itself through. Even just being aware of some of the smallest situations through a reflection of an appropriate sort could supplement our defenses against falling victim to influence.

Maybe you might contradict yourself on the next quick judgement you make.

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