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Stop Comparing Yourself!

What do you think is better, a sunflower or a rose? Ask anyone, and their answer will depend on their tastes. Some might say a rose is better and others might say a sunflower is better. Or some might say they don’t like either. You’re probably thinking, who even cares? And you’re absolutely right. It’s not even a real argument. But, too often, it actually is.

Each flower is unique in its own ways. They have their own beauty, essence, and texture. So it’s impossible to compare the two. You may be a rose and I may be a sunflower, so does that make a sunflower better than a rose or vice versa? No. It doesn’t. There isn’t an answer, as you simply cannot compare. The beauty of a rose does not diminish the beauty of a sunflower and the beauty of a sunflower does not diminish the beauty of a rose. They don’t shrink against each other and lose their value when compared.

Surprisingly, when a sunflower and a rose are put together they make a gorgeous bouquet. Think about all of the bouquets you’ve seen before. It’s a careful craft of different flowers put together to create beauty beyond words. The way each flower contrasts and complements the other is what makes it a work of art. Each flower is beautiful on it’s own but, when put together, it creates a new kind of beauty where different flowers coexist and collaborate with each other.

So, back to my original question: which flower is better, a sunflower or a rose? Let’s say that a rose is beautiful. A sunflower is also beautiful. Let’s not compare because the rose will complement the sunflower and the sunflower will complement the rose. Instead let them come together, unite as one, and create something even more amazing.

The next time you find yourself comparing yourself to others always remember this: a flower never ever thinks about competing with the flowers it’s next to. A flower just blooms.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. It’s detrimental to your mental health and yet, it’s something we all do on a regular basis. Hear me out, okay. One person’s success, beauty, and light does not take away anything you have. You have your own set of strengths, talents, gifts, and experiences. You are unique. But, we tend to compare our behind the scenes with everyone’s highlight reels which is unrealistic and unfair.

You are making yourself feel like you’re not good enough when in reality, you ARE good enough. You ARE strong enough. You ARE capable enough. You ARE enough. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

- Sending lots of love your way<3

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1 commentaire

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez
24 août 2020

This is one of my favorite things I have read in a long time. I love this so so so much.<3

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