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Some Encouragement For Your Day :)

How are you doing? Yes, I mean it! October is almost over, November is coming, and stress is beginning to settle in. If you are a junior in highschool, you are probably stressing about standarized tests and big decisions. If you are a senior in highschool, you are probably stressing about college applications (their deadlines!) and even bigger decisions. Even if you aren’t in those two groups, you are probably under a ton of stress because 2020 has just been a whirlwind of emotions, stress, tragedies, and so much more. So before you leave this blog post, tell yourself these things: I am loved, I am worthy, I am enough, I matter, and I can do amazing things. Did you say it? Or more importantly, did you believe it? It is easy to forget these things, and with everything going one right now, it is really hard to not get caught up in school, work, extracurriculars, or anything else. Just know that you are doing plenty, and there are many people who are proud of you and all of your accomplishments, even if it doesn’t feel like it. It is a stressful and crazy season, but you are stronger and tougher! You will finish those assignments, meet those deadlines, ace those tests. Just think, Christmas is soon, the weather is getting colder, and even though the future is uncertain, you can certainly make the most of it. Anyways, I hope the rest of your day is lovely and don’t forget to breathe today! Once you have conquered your to-do list, go read a book, take a walk, or watch some T.V. ! Thanks for reading. <3


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