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Safe and Fun Activities to do during the Summer of 2020

Summer is here and school is finally over!! Unfortunately, the Coronavirus still exists, therefore, we must remain safe and healthy while still managing to have a fun and exciting summer. I have compiled a list of different activities that you can do during the summer that are both safe and socially distant.


1. Plan a socially distanced picnic with your friends and family members

This allows you to be outside and with friends and family while also keeping you safe and healthy. Make sure there is enough space (6 feet) between each other, and avoid sharing food and drinks at all costs.

2. Bake/ try out new recipes with family.

You may have already done this over the course of quarantine, but baking and cooking is something fun and engaging for both you and your family. Quarantine has already given us a bunch of time to try out new things, but if you have not baked or found a new recipe yet, you should definitely try it out! However, remember to wash your hands before and after the process.

3. Host a DIY summer olympics

The Tokyo Summer Olympics may have been postponed, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t hold your own. Pick some of your favorite sports from the Summer Olympics, such as synchronized swimming or hurdle jumping, and then compete with a DIY version! To make it even more fun, get some friends on video call and you can all join in on the fun.

4. Watch a movie outside

Yes I know, you most likely have binge watched all your favorite shows and movies, but that was all probably inside. If you have a backyard, I recommend you to project a movie. You can watch it with your family or have your friends on video call while watching the movie. A change of environment may just be what you need to further enjoy a movie or tv show.

5. Create a journal of memories

Get a bullet journal at the start of summer and keep track of everything you have done. You can start off with a simple bucket list of everything you want to accomplish in the summer of 2020 (that still complies with the COVID-19 circumstances). Include any books, movies, and TV shows that you want to read or watch. Later when summer ends, you can go back and see how you made the most of your 2020 COVID-19 summer. Be creative and have fun arranging the journal!

6. Go on a socially distanced hike

You have to stay active during the Summer and always make sure you get some fresh air. A socially distanced hike ensures both of those. You can go on a hike with friends or family members. You can even bring your pets on the hike too. Just remember to be at least 6 feet apart from others while hiking.

7. Build a time capsule

To wrap up summer, take a box and put in all of the things you did over the course of this COVID-19 2020 summer. For anything memorable that is not in the form of an object (like if it was edible) you can use a photo/picture or write it down on a paper. To make it even more fun, you can get your friends and family to join you in the creation of your time capsule.

Happy summer!

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