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Motívate Yourself!

In all of the madness that this pandemic has created, it has made it even more difficult for students to find a reason to keep going to school. Friends are separated from each other, it’s harder to learn new material, and fewer resources are available for most students. However, it is important now more than ever that kids adapt to the conditions of our world. The state of teenagers’ mental health has plummeted drastically, but there are ways that we can keep our heads up. The following are a few suggestions for kids and teenagers on how to stay motivated.

1. Celebrate the little things!

This may seem anti-climatic but it is important to celebrate everything that you do! It will help with self-esteem and keep track of all the progress you have made throughout the time period.

2. Set up psychologically a list of tiny things to do

Chopping up big tasks into little steps can help to further organize ideas and make time in your busy schedule for the task. Along with the first option, this makes for building confidence when tackling large tasks and helps to stay on top of everything.

3. Don’t procrastinate!

Things come up, and plans get canceled or pushed, but waiting until the last minute to do something will cause you to be less motivated about it. Spacing out your work makes for a more productive mindset.

4. Take mini-breaks!

Most students spend hours on end staring at a screen, working their brains, trying to complete piles of homework. It is important to take breaks so that you aren’t staring at a screen for so long. So go indulge in that candy bar, take a little nap, or go for a walk outside! You’ll b more prepared and focused to go back to work after you do this and be more motivated.

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