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Low Stress College Apps!! (For U.S. Students)

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

If, like me, you're trying to ignore the impending doom of college apps while also feeling like you should be doing something, you've come to the right place!

Here are some things you can do that are useful but not absolutely stress inducing (based on personal experience).


If you don't have a college list yet:

  • CollegeVine: Have a vague idea of what you want? Use the filters in the list tab to narrow down your options.

  • Corsava: Don't have a clue what you want? The card sort on this website will help you figure that out.

  • Youtube: Search up "[Name of College] College Review". Get the vibes of different colleges and see what aspects you like! Do NOT watch the "How I Got Into [Name of College]" videos because those will definitely increase your stress levels.


If you pretty much know where you're applying:

  • College Essay Guy: Arguably the hardest part of writing essays is starting them. College Essay Guy's brainstorming exercises and Personal Statement guides will help get your ideas flowing.

  • Common App Activities List: Write down every little thing you've done from 9th-12th grade. It doesn't matter how insignificant the activity is, for now just get it down! Activities don't have to be school organized (club, sport. theatre, etc.) they can also be things you've done on your own. Check out this guide to the activities list.

  • Common App Forms: Feel like sitting down and filling out forms? Neither do I, but it's a mundane part of the Common App that you can knock out right now! (Note: The 2020-21 Common App opens in August, but you can fill out the forms in the "Common App" tab of your application and your responses will be carried over into the next school year.)

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