Lockdown From a New Perspective

Lockdown has really been eating us from the inside. We never know when it will finally be safe to go out again without any fear. Coronavirus is just frightening. Anyone can get it and anyone can be lucky enough not to. Lockdown is our new reality, at least for now.

Everyone has been coping with lockdown and coronavirus differently. Some people might be pursuing hobbies and keeping themselves busy, or might be doing anything else but in the end, it is all to help us deal with this new way of living and to bring some positivity into our lives. Something that has been helping me during these hard times is my window - something that I never really appreciated enough.

Looking out of my window gives me a sense of peace and tranquillity. A window helps you look at the positive while news channels bombard you with sad and negative information. Looking at anything inside my house like my laptop or phone just reminds me of all the changes we have been through, how much I rely on these materialistic objects now, but outside, it almost seems as though nothing has changed. I see the birds flying around freely and I long for the time when we will be able to move around freely like them too. I hope that time comes soon. For me, looking out of my window, it was a way to go out without really going out. I would just lose myself and let my imagination wander and take me where I actually want to be.

This lockdown has helped me a lot too. It has given me a chance to really focus on myself and simply think about what I want without any distractions or interruptions. It has given me a chance to pursue my hobbies and interests like dancing and baking. Everything has a positive side to it, but only if you choose to find it. I embraced the positive side and tried to make the best of our situation.

There was one day when we found out that lockdown had been extended again and the number of cases was just increasing. Everything had seemed so bleak, so hopeless. I was waiting for the day when coronavirus would claim its last victim and we would be safe again. I was frustrated and tired of being stuck inside, but also scared. But then, I looked out and the gently moving trees calmed me. I saw people moving around inside their houses trying to do their usual work under these new circumstances and I remembered that I was not the only one who was scared and frustrated, I was not alone.

Coronavirus has created a difficult situation for all of us. Whether or not we like it, we have to get used to this new normal, adapt to this new change and help others do the same. Everyone has something or someone that has given them hope and strength during these tough times and I am grateful for what has helped me - my window.

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