Life of a Sea Turtle

My name is Maggie and I am a sea turtle. I am seventy-five years old and I have had a long life. My shell is long, streamlined, olive-green in colour and very comfortable. My limbs and flippers help me swim when I am exploring coral reefs near my home in Australia. However, I need to be very careful. Many of my friends had been taken away and killed for their meat, skin, and shells. I hope that does not happen to me. Although, I have had some very close encounters with death. Let me tell about it.

I was thirteen years old when it happened. I had been looking for new places to hide in the exhilarating coral reefs. Suddenly, I found that I was stuck and had been entangled in a fish net. My eyes grew wide and my body shook with fear. I was completely helpless. Then, I felt myself being pulled upwards onto the deck of a boat. I looked around at my surroundings, when three men came near me, stared and conferred in a language I did not understand. Thankfully, they released me. I always remember them when I go exploring because they taught me to be careful and vigilant.

The second near death experience was many years later, when I was forty years old. My stomach had been growling for many hours while I searched for food. After some time, when I could not handle my hunger any longer, I found something new on the sea bed. It was transparent, very thin and looked tasty. So, I gobbled it down. However, it had barely gone down my throat when I began choking. My head felt heavy and I was gasping for breath, but thankfully, a fish saw me and pulled it out. I found that it was plastic, a chemical material that humans made. My heart broke to see that humans were the reasons my friends were dead.

Now, after many years, I am glad to see that humans are trying to save us. I am one of the few that have survived this long, because of them. Everyday, I see a group of people at the beach, cleaning up their garbage. I see people protesting with banners, telling them to stop the use of plastics and save the marine lives. Many organisations such as “Sea turtle conservancy” and “The wild life trafficking alliance” are also trying to save me. Over the years, I have noticed that there are very few people have come to kill us. After seeing humans doing so much just to save me, to help me live, I feel loved and glad to leave in this world. So, even if I die tomorrow, I will die happily knowing that my children and grandchildren will be safe and loved, just like I was.

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