It Is Okay Not To Be Okay

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of those videos on Tik Tok: show us when you were at your lowest and no one knew. It made me realize how easy it is for us to hide how we’re truly feeling, it’s like GenZ has mastered that skill. It can be your closest friends, family, parents, anyone and they won’t even know what’s going on in your mind, or how you’re really feeling. In my opinion, there are a lot of reasons things like this can happen, 2 common ones are society portraying signs like crying as a weakness and/or you don’t want to stress loved ones. What we don’t realize is that hiding our feelings can lead us to portray a cold-hearted image to others. Sometimes people may consider you to be rude, mean, and unkind but you’re the total opposite. However, I’m not asking you to change but I’m asking those who see you with that image to dig deeper. As GenZ we know a lot more about mental health, we know how it feels to suffer from mental illnesses, maybe at some point we were also in that place. So my request from you is to try to understand them, speak to them, and listen to them. Be the person you’d want to be friends with, what kind of person would you want in that situation? You never know what a beautiful person you may uncover. If they’re still being cold towards you, give them space and time. I know it’s hard but no one purposely acts cold for no reason, I swear.

And to those who do unknowingly act cold and/or are silently suffering here’s a reminder:

It is okay to cry.

It is okay to love.

It is okay to feel sad.

It is okay to feel hurt by loved ones.

It is okay not to be okay.

It will get better, I promise.

Stay strong, we’re all in this together!

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