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Gifting Tips for the Holiday Season

December has finally started and that means it’s the start of the holiday season. We finally reached the end of the year and that calls for a well anticipated celebration since this year hasn’t been the best. As much as we’d like to go outside and spend time with our loved ones, that isn’t really an option for us because of Covid so speaking with them on the phone or a zoom call is the only way we can connect with them right now.

The holiday season is also the time for gift giving, and we can’t really hand our gifts to our loved ones personally. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put any effort into giving back.

What I will be focusing on in this short article is how to know what you should gift since some of us struggle with this. I know I did for sometime but hopefully these tips will give you some sort of idea on where to start!

1. Asking Them

This does seem straight up and it mostly is. Asking someone what they want is oftentimes better than just going off on a hunch and getting them something you think they want. No it’s not weird to ask someone simply and plainly “Hey, what do you want as a present?”. It’s better than dancing around the idea because it lets the person say what’s on their mind instead of you having to guess.

So don’t hesitate to ask. I know I used to because I felt guilty about not knowing what they want without even asking but then I realized that I am not a mind reader and getting them something that they said they want is better than making a guess.

2. Pick Up on Cues

Do you ever talk to a friend and they mention wanting something? It could be anything, ranging from a new CD to some clothes. It’s important to remember that. So in case that you do buy them whatever it is that they mentioned, it lets them know that you listen to what they say and you take it into consideration. It not only satisfies them but it also shows how great of a listener you are.

When I know I’m going to be giving a gift to someone I make sure I listen to them whenever they mention them wanting to buy something. I take note of it so by the time I need to buy them a present, I’d already have one in mind.

3. Take a Look at Their Profiles

This is the tip that is mostly for my folks out there who are terrible at remembering. When you are at a dead end, and you seem to have no idea at all of what to give someone, look at their social media profiles. Could be their Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. Usually somebody’s profile tells a lot about them as a person so if you are stuck, then take a peek at their account and try to think of some things they like.

For example, if you have a friend who is really into fashion and all of their pictures are of them modeling a cool outfit then I suggest buying them some clothes from the brand they like, or the shop that they go to the most.

I have used most of these tips at least once and it does pay off. Gift giving isn’t something that should be taken so seriously, but it really does show gratitude and appreciation. As long as you show how much you love and appreciate that person through the gifts you got them, then it doesn’t really matter what you gave. Remember that it’s the thought that counts!

And with that, this is all I have for now! I hope you guys have a great and safe week!

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