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You’re probably wondering what #dracotok means? For those who haven’t been on Harry Potter Tik Tok yet, let me explain; recently there has been a trend on Tik Tok of making videos with a certain Harry Potter character. He is none other than Draco Malfoy, played by Tom Felton in the Harry Potter movies. Creators insert themselves into clips of the movies with Draco, make thirst traps using Draco’s expressions in the movies, and making flirty and steamy scenes using clips from the movies, making these videos seem “real”. These videos have been trending recently because, well... people find young Draco attractive and hot. “The Draco Malfoy hashtags have 4.4 billion views and counting”, according to Clevver News. Creators have gained millions of likes starting accounts all about Draco Malfoy and some creators have also been noticed by Tom Felton himself. You would think that if an actor found thirst traps about himself, he would find it awkward or want it to stop, but Tom Felton’s reaction to #dracotok was pretty amazing. Before Tom Felton saw the TikToks made about Draco Malfoy, he admitted that he was a bit scared to see these TikToks. Fans and creators were also scared to see Tom’s reactions to #dracotok, but after Tom Felton saw these TikToks, he said,“ Hide nothing, I find this all hilarious.” Fans also commented back with the funniest things like, “I’m not even mad that we’ve been caught”, and “on behalf of watching all dracotok, I shamelessly do not regret anything.” Finally, I would like to say, to all those fellow #dracotok fans and creators, we’re doing great!! Even Tom Felton is here for the Draco hype so let’s keep going!!

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River N.
River N.
27 sept. 2020

heck yes! i haven’t been lucky enough to find myself on draco tiktok yet but i live in hope! 😂 also this makes me love tom felton even more —

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