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DIY Stickers

It can get boring in quarantine. I’m sure y’all have been feeling at least a little cooped up — I certainly have. I’ve been watching a ton of YouTube tutorials on how to make cute aesthetic stuff so today I’m going to share my new favourite DIY: stickers.

Disclaimer: don’t expect these to look great. 😂 They work fine and they’re easy, but they definitely aren’t high quality like the kind you can buy. Also a quick reminder that if you plan on doing anything with these like selling them, be careful with using pictures you find online because often Google pulls them from other people who are selling them and it would be bad form to steal someone’s designs. If you have Procreate or are artistic, you totally could create your own design and create stickers that you’d be able to sell.

First step is to find some images that you think are cute. I’m using all these stickers for myself so I just looked up “aesthetic VSCO stickers to print out” on the internet and chose some.

Next, you will need: your printed pictures, clear tape (the wider the better), scissors, and wax paper or parchment paper. Note: I found that parchment paper worked better for me, because the wax paper left residue on the tape and made it less sticky.

Cut out your pictures. It’s personal preference whether you want to leave a small space around the design or just cut it on the line. Place a piece of tape on top of your wax/parchment paper. You want quite a bit of extra around the edges, so depending on how large your printed pictures are, you might need two pieces of tape. If you end up needing two or more pieces, make sure they overlap slightly. Place your sticker design on top and cover with more tape, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles. Cut out the sticker, leaving plenty of tape all around, as that’s the only adhesive available.

And you’re done! The wax/parchment paper should peel off easily, leaving you with your DIY sticker. Repeat, repeat, repeat — and you’ll have your own sticker collection! :)

I hope this was helpful! I found this tutorial in one of JENerationDIY’s videos, here.

And here's a couple pictures of my own sticker-making process:

Left: design cutouts that I haven't had the chance to turn into stickers because I ran out of tape.

Right: the stickers I've made so far! I'm still experimenting with how much room to leave around the edges. (Ignore the avocado ones; they're for a friend's birthday.)

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Katherine Kudriavtsev
Katherine Kudriavtsev
13 de jun. de 2020

These are so so cool! Def trying this in the future!

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