DIY Halloween Costumes With a Mask

As soon as October began my for you page (fyp) was flooded with Halloween and spooky Tik Toks. As the spooky season arrives I know that everyone, including myself, is looking for costume ideas. But, one new thing this year is we must remain safe, remember to wear our masks, and be really careful! Here are some fun Halloween costume ideas, that you can rock even with a mask on!

Black Cat:

Materials needed:

  • Headband

  • Black paper

  • Black mask (make sure it’s good quality)

  • Paint

  • Black long sleeves shirt

  • Black leggings/jeans

  • Belt

  • 1 Wired hanger

  • A black feather boa

  • Glue

  • Scissors


  • Cat Ears:

  • Cut black paper in the shape of cat ears. (Here’s a template.)

  • Cover the headband with black paint if it’s another color.

  • Stick the ears on the headband.

  • Cat Mask:

  • Take your black mask and paint cute cat whiskers, nose, and mouth design on it. Something similar to this.

  • Cat tail:

  • Cut the bottom part of the hanger.

  • Twist it into the shape of a cat tail.

  • Stick the black feather boa on the hanger.

  • Stick the finished tail onto a belt. (Make sure it’s stuck properly you don’t want it falling off while trick or treating!)

Once you’re done pair these 3 pieces with a black long sleeve shirt and black leggings/jeans.


Materials needed:

  • 1 yard of black fabric

  • 1 yard of red fabric

  • Red ribbon

  • Fabric glue

  • White mask

  • White long sleeves shirt

  • Black jeans

  • Markers

  • White face paint (optional)


  • Vampire Mouth Mask

  • Take your white mask and draw a vampire mouth on it. Make sure to have your fangs! Here’s an example.

  • Vampire Cape:

  • Stick the red and black fabric back to back. Where one side is black and one side is red.

  • Measure 2-3 inches from the top of the fabric, and fold it.

  • Cut tiny slits between at 4-centimeter intervals.

  • Thread the ribbon through the slits.

To put the whole costume together, pair it with black pants, a white long sleeves shirt, the cape, and mask. If you’d like face paint your full face white for a better look!

Robber (Easiest)

Materials needed:

  • Black or white long sleeves shirt

  • Duct tape

  • Black or white paint

  • Black beanie

  • Black leggings

  • Drawstring bag

  • Black mask


  • Shirt

  • Take your long sleeves shirt and cover it with duct tape stripes.

  • Paint over the duct tape making sure to fill in the gaps with the other color. (If painting a black shirt use white paint and vice versa.)

This one is an easy one, just wear the shirt you just DIY-ed with black leggings or jeans, a black drawstring bag, your black mask, and a black beanie and you’ll rock this look!

Those are 3 DIY Halloween costumes with a mask! There are so many more. Here are some safety guidelines to follow when trick or treating. Remember to stay safe at all times!

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