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Destressing Over Break

We are all going through a very tough time right now and it’s sometimes hard to remain positive and hopeful. It’s important to know that none of us are alone in feeling this way, and whatever we’re feeling now is completely okay and valid. We’re all people who can succumb to the pressures of stress and feeling burnt out is acceptable.

It’s currently Thanksgiving Break as I’m writing this and I just want to talk about the ways I’ve been destressing and relaxing. Distance learning has been taking a toll on my mental health which I’m sure many of you guys can relate to, so I took this break as an opportunity to focus on my needs and wants.

1. Watching Films

This is one of my most favorite past times as I am that person who spends hours on end doing nothing but watching movies. I’ve been wanting to tick off a couple films off of my watchlist and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few days. I don’t really have much time to waste during school so I’ve had to put off a lot of things that I was looking forward to doing so I’m making sure that I get the most out of this break.

Quick movie suggestion: Kill Bill Vol. 1 directed by Quentin Tarantino. It’s a cult classic that lives up to the hype and recognition that it gets. I watched it for the first time recently and I really loved it.

2. Listening to New Music/Artists

I also took this break as an opportunity to start giving some new artists a listen. I couldn’t really do this before as I was too busy doing school work to be surfing through albums and playlists but now I finally have the time. I love listening to music and the act of just finding new songs to listen to really brightens my day so if you’re the same, then I suggest maybe giving some new artists you haven’t heard of before a try!

Quick song suggestion: Roslyn by Bon Iver and St. Vincent (it’s a really soft song) and Kill V. Maim by Grimes (it’s a really energetic alternative song).

3. Connecting With Friends

Most of my friends, like me, have been under a lot of school pressure so being able to talk to them was very rare. We would have small conversations most of the time but during this break I had more time to actually have a long talk with them and catch up. It made me miss them a lot since we haven’t seen each other in months but I’m grateful for this small break as it allowed me to actually socialize again.

Quarantine may have affected our social skills and our ability to connect with people but don’t ever let that stop you from reaching out. Staying connected with one another is very important!

And with that said, this all I have for now! I hope you guys have a great and safe break!

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