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you notice the little details,

like the way her eyes gleam in the sun,

and how messy she ties her bun.

it’s the little things that matter, people say,

hence you appreciate every knick knack

that she brings your way.

you make it a point to catch all her different tones,

her voice you recognize, even across five zones.

the shape of her face, body, and brows, 

now you know by heart, 

and any slight change will now freak you out.

you’re so observant that you can time her laughs,

one less ha and you know she’s in halves.

now there’s so many little things 

that you must keep track of

but sadly one day you will lose control

and all in all you will let go.

not because you stopped loving her.

no, love never dies, but clarity does.

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