Appreciate the Little Things

“The grass looks greener on the other side.” There are so many times we hear that phrase but still get jealous and desire things that other people have. However, there are also so many times when we got what we wanted but then we wished things were like before. Ever since the global pandemic started, there are so many people who aren’t able to get proper meals, nutrition, education, etc. It has brought me to the realization that I take many things for granted and still wish for more. Trust me, there are so many things to appreciate in life that we often oversee in the process of being jealous. The device you’re using to read this, access to education, proper meals, a roof over your head, water to drink, your friends/family, and so much more… each person has their own. But, the greatest thing to be grateful for is Life. Yes, you read that right, life may be a roller coaster and sometimes you may hate your life and wish you lived the life of others. But think about it like this, what about the child in the hospital on Chemotherapy wishing they had lived their life to the fullest, what about the mom who wished she got one more day to embrace her child, there are so many people dying right now due to the pandemic and so many other reasons but still we wish we lived the life of someone else? It’s definitely human nature but I know that we can definitely try our best to look for something positive in our life that we’re grateful for. Some things I am grateful for but also things I took advantage of before the pandemic are: meeting my friends, going to school every day, sneaking food during class, getting in trouble at dance lessons, and the last hug from my best friend. Those may seem like the most extraordinary moments to be grateful for but as much as I hated going to school, I really miss it I miss it, the sound of the bell, and me running out of class and getting to hear “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.” As much as I hated being picked on in dance class, I miss it, and the last hug I got from my best friend who knew seven months would pass by without us hugging each other? We take advantage of so many things and are sometimes unimaginably ungrateful of things we have, but when it’s gone… it’s gone. So please tell your loved ones you love them, thank them for things they do for you, hug them, spend time with them, and live life to the fullest, within a few years who knows where life will take us? The moment is NOW, live your life to the fullest and appreciate the little things in life!

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