5 Tips for Teens With Braces

A lot of teens, including myself, have braces and I think the one word we use to describe it is “hell.” I have to admit it’s not that painful, but it definitely is especially after getting them tightened. However, over the 1.5 years, I’ve had braces I definitely found ways to make them more tolerable.

1. Salt Water

Okay, this one saved me so many times. The morning after you wake up it will hurt way more than the moment you come out of the orthodontist’s office. Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds with a saltwater solution in the morning and it won’t completely remove your pain, but it makes it way better. I use 1tbsp of salt with a cup of warm water, you can add as much as you’d like but make sure it isn’t too salty.

2. Cold Things

This is probably the only reason I ever liked going to the orthodontist, a day full of treats! Treat yourself to some ice cream, a cold smoothie, or anything cold and soft which will help in relieving your pain. Coldwater helps a lot too, but I mean having braces is the perfect excuse as to why my parents need to buy me ice cream ;)

3. DON'T Panic if your teeth feel loose

When my teeth started to feel loose, I thought of so many different diseases that result in losing teeth. I was so worried and I honestly thought they were all going to fall out. It wasn’t until a month later I learned it’s completely normal to have loose teeth with braces, of course, I don’t mean when they’re literally going to fall out but it’s okay if they’re a bit wobbly. In fact, if it means the treatment is working well!

4. Lip Balm

Having braces usually makes your lips dry and chappy, especially right after you get them on. Always keep a lip balm or chapstick with you in case they get too dry.

5. Foods

We all know the “No skittles, gum, starburst, etc” but alot of us, including me (I pray my orthodontist doesn’t find this) often break the rules. However, even though I’ve never had a bad experience I would say I’ve seen so many of my friends having to rush to the orthodontist because they decided to break the rules. Ever since then, I’ve tried avoiding those specific foods, I still do eat them sometimes but always remember “prevention is better than cure.”

So those were 5 tips for those of you guys who are having a hard time with braces or are planning to get braces soon! One thing I have struggled with and I still am struggling with is smiling! Smiling with braces takes a lot of confidence, but always remember you’re beautiful! If you are having a bad day with them, try to imagine the end results, and don’t worry, we’ll get through this! <3

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