5 Apps You NEED For School

Since everything is online right now, it can be harder to keep up with school work. From a million assignments to presentations, to online proctored tests, there’s just so much to do! This system can get really overwhelming and you may forget to do something... So here are some amazing apps that will definitely help you, not only for distance learning, but also for regular school!

1. Quizlet

This is a very common and widely known app- it allows you to make flashcards, do tests from them, and play educational games. However, here’s a little tip that you may have not known about… oftentimes we are way too lazy to make flashcards and end up closing the tab instead of taking advantage of this wonderful app. But, did you know you can search up the name of your textbook and the chapter you are studying and easily find a set already pre-made, just for you? People all over the world use this app, so you should be able to find at least one set relating to your study material, and if you can’t, you can always ask a senior student, your classmate, or someone who has studied/ is still studying the same material. And if you do not find a set, don’t panic- you can just make one! I promise it’s not a waste of time, since it actually helps you remember the material!

2. Forest

Do you get distracted by social media, messages from your friends, or youtube videos? If the answer is yes, then this is the perfect app for you! In a nutshell, Forest lets you start a timer for however long you do not want to use your phone and want to concentrate on academics. Once the timer goes off, you can start using your phone again, and depending on how long your timer is, you plant a tree or a bush in your own digital forest which eventually results in you getting coins. As you use the app consistently, you can plant actual trees around the world by using the coins you have collected. However, if you fail to stay on task and use your phone during the timer, a dead tree will be placed in your digital forest.

Note: it requires a lot of coins to plant a tree, which motivates you to stay productive and get as many coins as possible!

3. Quizizz

It’s the day before the test and you are panicking, but no need to worry- I have your back! Download Quizizz and complete self-paced quizzes covering different subjects on the material you need to study! And guess what… you can even make your own quizzes and there are so many features and options to choose from for free (multiple choice, checkbox, fill in the blank, polls, open-end, and power-ups!)

4. Google Calendar

Didn’t get a chance to buy a new planner this year? No need to worry, google calendar will help you stay organized this year. Google Calendar lets you manage your time, by creating events, reminders, and tasks for certain times, and gives you access to plan meetings/ events with other people as well. In fact, you can even link your google classroom assignments to it to help you plan your days! One of the best features is that you can actually choose a time for the app to remind you before your event/ reminder/ or task. For example, if your class starts at 7:30 you can ask the app to remind you fifteen minutes prior! Also, Google Calendar isn’t only restricted to your laptop or computer, you can also use it on your phone for both IOS and Android! This app is saving my life right now!!

5. Khan Academy

Couldn’t hear what the teacher said? Was your wifi lagging during the lesson? Do not fear, Khan Academy is here! This website/ app allows you to access lessons from anywhere. You can learn the lesson through the form of a video, and then practice right after. There are also Unit Tests and test preps for SAT, LSAT, and Praxis Core. I promise this will save your life during distance learning!

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